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We want your brand to stand out like a prickly cactus!

With so many businesses online, meaning more competition to fight over for space with, you not only have to be online but your onliness (not a word) has to be strong, tall & out there, catching your audiences attention and keeping their eyes fixed on what you will offer them next.

Kactus is a content creation agency with unique expertise in all things design. We work with you to develop creative strategies that leverage your business and social presence online.  From creating outstanding designs to managing your social engagement online.

Our team will assist with any and all design particularly around your brand and online presence. We will make sure that your brand is being represented the same throughout all the different medias, online & off. And we will be vigilant with keeping your brand in the guidelines, so to keep it consistent wherever you are being seen.

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Tel: 081 548 7613

Durban, SA 


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